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August 1, 2009

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Yesterday July 31, 2009, I had my first biophotonic scan. From what I understand, and I will not pretend that I know everything, the scanner will measure my carotenoid level. My carotenoid level, they say, is a good indicator of the level of antioxidants in my body. In turn, when you have a high antioxidant level in your body then that means that you are more protected to cell damage (aka aging) and cancer. So my friend Jeric, asked for my details regarding my lifestyle and diet. Then he asked me to place my palm behind this blue light scan and in less than a minute (I guess) the scanner was able to measure my score.

I got a score of 17000 which according to the grading scale is a weak zone. Still, compared to other family members who got scanned before me, I have the highest score. Still a low score is still a low score. And this is what this blog is going to be about. It will chronicle my antioxidant level using the LIFEPAK supplements I am using. And since I don’t know who is reading this or even if anyone is reading this all I can tell you is that this blog will be written in an objective and sincere manner. It’s like testing myself while nobody is looking. Will I even cheat to myself. I really want to know if there is going to be a difference in my health.

Now, since this is a no holds barred kind of thing, I have to tell you I am not drinking the full dosage. Because the recommended dosage is two packs a day. However, again let’s be honest, LIFEPAK is not really that affordable. Especially when there are brands like the sodium ascorbate, or what the say the basic “ascorbic acid”. Hahahahahahaha. Although, honestly I have used it. However, I did not feel any difference actually.

But at P5 per capsule and LIFEPAK with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrient at P28 per capsule. I’d like to know if my health investment will be sound. So till my next bioscan set next month!


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