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Waterball Fun at Manila Ocean Park February 20, 2010

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One thing my son is so crazy about every time we visit Manila Ocean Park is to play at the waterball. By paying a minimal fee of P50, your child can enjoy a ten-minute fun inside an inflated ball placed on a big pool just in front of Manila Ocean Park.

This activity is so fun that I heard kids refusing to enter the oceanarium without trying first the waterball. Parents had to promise to come back just so they can pass the pool without their kids throwing a tantrum.

Another thing I like about this activity is that kids can meet new friends from the encounter. Although, they can’t really talk to each other while inside the ball, for some natural instinct, the kids inside the pool play by bumping on each other or running after one another. I even saw my son trying to race with another boy to the other end of the pool.

Now, isn’t that worth your fifty bucks! To have your child exercise his social skills instead of letting him play quietly with electronic devices. Don’t get me wrong. I have a PSP myself but then our kids should know there is a bigger world out there compared to their small screens.

The waterball is open everday for kids only. The paying booth is just beside the pool. There is no need to go to the ticket booths to pay for your entrance for this. Please remember to fall in line and wait patiently for your child’s turn. šŸ™‚

Have a happy bonding time!

Happy family bonding


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