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Nestle FAB: How to get the FIGURE you’ve ALWAYS wanted April 28, 2010

A surprising gift from the mail arrived care of Nestle. I received a box of their Nestle Fitnesse cereal with a challenge of showing off the shape that you want in 14 days. Honestly, I have noticed that I have gained some pounds especially after I took Lifepak from Nu Skin. Before that, I can eat so much and not even gain a pound but after taking those vitamins I have been gaining a steady increase in pounds but that is another story. So to make sure I curb this weight gain, I told myself to try out this 14 day-challenge. This blog will chronicle my experience so everything I express here will be my own opinion and does not mean that will apply to everybody.

Day 1: 1 bowl of cereal (about 30 grams); 125 glass of Anlene milk; one slice of mango
Got hungry about 10:30 and ate a mango bar; a glass of pineapple juice and 2 slices of mangoes
Lunch: Fish, salad, juice
Dinner: soup, salad, a piece of chicken, half cup of rice
Exercise: Swimming for an hour

Day 2: Failed because I ate breakfast with garlic rice, sardines and freshly squeezed juice I made from Matstone.

Anyway, this was my first attempt to follow the 14-day challenge. I plan to get back sometime soon but I have to do something about those in between cravings. My concern is if I try to ignore the cravings by lunch time I will be so hungry which will make me eat more. However, how do I know if I was just eating enough just to satisfy the cravings. I am a junk food junkie some times hehehehe.

Well, see you in my second attempt to take Nestle’s challenge and hopefully I stay on the program for more than one day.