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Hotel H2O – A review April 28, 2010

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I recently stayed overnight at one of the newest and poshest hotels in Manila this month of April 2010. During my stay, it happened that several rooms were also reserved for the ongoing Miss Earth 2010. Luckily, a room became available. There are two options when choosing your room: one has a view of the Manila bay where you can have picturesque sunsets and sunrises or you can be staying in a room with an aquarium as one of its walls. I was provided the latter for my stay.

Upon entering the room, I was impressed with the aquarium. Living with my husband who is a full-time aquarist, I appreciate the effort it took to put up something like that without making it look so plastic. For such a vast and wide aquarium, it is impractical and environmentally-cruel to use real corals. Hence, all you can use are artificial corals. Still I liked it and enjoyed the set-up and colors of the artificial corals. There are several fish of different sizes, shapes and colors. The effect of the aquarium is so serene and relaxing that I readily laid on my bed and snoozed a couple of minutes.

I find the aquarium extremely helpful especially at night when I woke up and find it hard to sleep again. I just looked at the aquariums and I find myself getting sleepy again. There is something really relaxing about aquariums which made my stay there marvelous.

On the other hand, there are still some things that would need improvement in the future:

a. the light switches do not indicate which side turns on or off the lights
b. there is no phone number to indicate how to contact the operator
c. there are no flyers to inform the guests what can they do inside the oceanarium, where can they eat, what events are ongoing
d. the air conditioning is noisy (such a contrast to the serene aquarium to hear a somewhat snoring sound at the background)
e. The hot shower doesn’t work that well. I cannot seem to adjust the temperature anyway I turn the knob which resulted to cold showers.
f. there are aquarium cleaners early in the morning (it might surprise you to see that there is a white long rod wiping your wall out from nowhere but don’t worry it appears you cannot be seen from your room but you will definitely see the white rod. You can opt to close the curtains if you are distracted by it)
g. Maintenance staff checking if the curtains are working an hour before you check-out (why can’t they do it after you check-out so as not to invade your privacy)

There are definitely other things I enjoyed about my stay. The first one is the very comfortable bed and pillows that will surely put some zzzz’s in your stay. The big mirror which gives the illusion that the room is spacious. I also like that the food and drinks in the room are inclusive in your stay. The toiletries provided are also decent. I especially liked the soap bar which reminds me of ocean smell. I am not very fond of the body liquid gel because it was too thick and slippery which reminds me of detergent. Oh and I love the thick and soft robes which was especially helpful after the cold showers. The big flatscreen television was also a welcomed treat. I wish there were provisions to order food in the room because it would have been a great chance to have those very long breakfast in your rooms just lounging and doing nothing. However, I was told that it is not available yet. Still, no worries there are several restaurants available in Manila Ocean Park, including my all-time favorite, Makansutra.

To experience sleeping with a great view of the ocean will cost you about 6k+ and it is inclusive of the food and drinks in your room. I can say that it is not just an ordinary stay in a hotel but an experience as well. Thus, staying here is like getting two treats for the price of one.

For bookings you may call, 2386100 and 2386188.