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Review of Estee Lauder’s Event Rustan’s Makati March 27, 2010 April 10, 2010

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I’d like to keep this review simple and straight by listing the things I like, the things I think the staff can improve on and the things I appreciate a lot.

I have not encountered a blogger who wrote a negative feedback for events they have been invited to here in the Philippines. Maybe because of our Pinoy attitude which is to be eternally grateful (also known as utang na loob) and the art of “pakikisama”.

So when I went to this event, I was prepared to be an objective writer by reminiscing the points my editor and adviser in our HS paper advised me on how to write a feature article.

However, I just don’t want to write a narrative. Instead I have prepared some bullets on my observations for this event:

What I like:
a. The Estee Lauder station is near the entrance which makes it easy to locate.
b. The guards are well informed that there is an on-going event and they even plugged it when I asked for the directions to go to the Estee Lauder station.
c. The staff are friendly.
d. Everyone who dropped by the station was welcomed to join.

What I think they can improve on:
a. More details on what the event is for – is it a promotional event; is it an ongoing “sale” event or something else. I went there thinking there will be lots of people and that there will be beauty advisers I can readily ask about my personal needs. Unfortunately, it was different from what I expected. When I arrived, there were ladies selling the package and I became worried thinking I cannot leave without buying anything. Luckily, it wasn’t like that at all and good thing I did not rely on my first impression.

b. Give more information on what are the activities available during the event. I was prepped first for a make-up but upon hearing my seatmate’s conversation with an Estee Lauder representative I became curious with the advance skin profiling system. Thus, I asked the lady who was starting to put make-up on me if I can still have my profile after the “make-over”. Apparently, the profiling requires a clean face so I had to wait for at least ten minutes for the other lady to finish with her profile before I got mine eventhough I was at the skin profiling station 20 minutes before she arrived. Since there were only two ladies attending the make-up and profiling, they asked me to wait at the profile station. When the make-up lady was finished they called me and while she was preparing her stuff that’s the time the lady from the profiling became available and entertained the visitor who arrived later than I did.

c. I hope Estee Lauder appreciates my opinion but I think it will be greatly appreciated if they establish customer rapport and open communication before selling an item. I mean get to know your customers and their needs and show genuine interest. I was sitting there for more than ten minutes while waiting to get my skin profile but nobody was really talking to me. I don’t know why is that but there were several Estee Lauder ladies who seem to be really friendly as they happily chatted with each other. I started talking to the lady who was supposed to do my make-up but then she had to leave me for a personal reason and then that was it. I was asked once or twice what I was waiting for and I replied. Afterwhich, I was left alone.

Things I appreciate a lot:
One of the Estee Lauder representative’s stood out from the rest. She showed concern by explaining my skin profile without making me feel rushed or obliged to buy. After ushering me to have my make-up done with one of the staff, she continued to check up on me. She even gave me a free sample foundation. The brand was not CyberWhite Ex as stated in the invitation sent by StyleBible but it was the thought that counts.

For me getting to meet this person and the information she told me about the Estee Lauder skin products was the highlight of this event. I am really considering to switch from my loyal brand to try the Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher. I was really fascinated with the amazing instant result I received. Apparently, the Idealist when used day and night can help remove those stubborn dead skin cells showing off your natural glow. We spent about five minutes scrubbing my face gently as I remove a thin film of dead skin cells off my face. I looked extra glamorous after that treatment.

Finally a picture of me with my glamorous look was taken by Mr. Richard Ong. I came to know this because I checked Stylebible’s page and I saw my picture at Thank you Stylebible for choosing my picture. I am really flattered.

So that’s the end of my posh event with Estee Lauder. I hope to attend more events like this from them. I really didn’t think Estee Lauder had really amazing skin products and I always connected them with make-up. It was a very informative event and for that I am very grateful.