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Beautynomics Turns Four Giveaway! March 4, 2010

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Inspired by an idea a second away before sleeping, Ms. Sophia Joyce Uy gave birth to Beautynomics. Now her blog is already 4 years old and she is holding the most wonderful contest to celebrate her anniversary.

Check out for the details on how you can join her contest.

To entice you there will be 20 prizes to be given away which means more winners and happy participants.

See you there!!!

Advertisements Blackest Night Flash Contest

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I am so happy for winning the contest held by Geekpinoy. com. The blogger/writer is Mr. Jab Escutin and the contest was about “what you’re geeky about and why”

My winning answer can be found below:

I am an anime geek. I am such a geek that I named my first dog after Sailormoon. My passwords are Nihonggo characters I love from Ghibli. And on my wedding day, I marched the red carpet while the band plays “Voices” from the soundtrack of Macross. Nobody knew what the song was except for a fellow anime geek who was waiting for me at the end of the aisle.

This is a side of me that I will always be geeky about. Anime rules!!!

Thanks again and Jab.


My 2010 Starbucks Coffee Seminar Journey February 20, 2010

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This February we were lucky to be invited to one of Starbucks’ Coffee Appreciation Seminars. I decided to bring my son along for us to learn something about coffee. We chose the branch at ABS-CBN to attend our first seminar.

The seminar started at 4 pm. There are a number of guests already settled in when we arrived. My son was the only child there but I figured this will be a unique experience for him.

True enough we learned a lot that day especially on what a coffee blend is. We were also priviledged to taste two unique brewed coffee flavors namely: Cafe Verona and Guatemala Casicielo. My favorite is the latter especially when you drink it together with a nutty cookie. My son decided he’s really not into coffee but he still tried them both and heartily gobbled the free mini donuts Starbucks has prepared for us.

Let me say that I’m really just a “season drinker” (this translates to Christmas season to get a planner). However, after this seminar I honestly have more appreciation now of brewed coffee. So the next time, I hear somebody slurping their coffee, I won’t think that person is rude for drinking so loud. As an educated coffee-drinker now, I would think that this person is showing the best manner of enjoying his coffee.

To entice you more to join these seminars, Starbucks is giving away “My 2010 Starbucks Coffee Seminar” tickets where you can collect 4 different stamps by attending these seminars from January to October 2010. As a reward for your support, you will receive a suprise treat.

What’s more the seminars are held for free! You get to taste Starbucks’ featured coffee, eat treats (if available) and get freebies after. Add that to the new knowledge you get about coffee drinking and appreciation and there is no better deal than this.

Hopefully, with all this new knowledge on coffee in me I will try out someday to order something else than my regular frap. 🙂

You can check out these free coffee seminars at Starbucks’ facebook page at:!/album.php?aid=190810&id=225073057924&ref=mf

It wouldn’t hurt also if you become a fan of the site for your own convenience of getting updates!

For inquiries on these free coffee seminars you can email

See you in the next coffee seminar!


Free Ice Cream from GoNuts Donuts for the first 3000 fans December 4, 2009

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According to their facebook site, “Become a fan of Go Nuts Donuts! First 2,000 fans get a FREE tub of Go Nuts Ice Cream. Succeeding 1,000 fans get a FREE double scoop of Go Nuts Ice Cream!”

Follow this link to sign up:

There are 318 fans as of 8:30 am.


Free YUMM gift pack coupon from Eden December 3, 2009

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Hello cheese lovers out there. This one is for you. Kraft Eden Cheese will hold an event on December 14, 2009 at the Araneta Coliseum. They are hoping to break a world record of 5,000 dishes which include cheese in the recipe. There has been acceptable surprises (for me) such as champorado with cheese but there are weird ones as well (again just my opinion) like adobo with cheese.

Anyway for you to get your YUMM pack aka (Your Ulam, Mas Masarap) just register in their website:

There is a picture there of the items you will get in your YUMM gift. (It’s in the middle portion of the page with a label Yumm PacK). After registering you will receive a coupon via e-mail which you will have to present on the 14th to get your YUMM pack. You can also refer your friends for them to get their own packs.

I am not affiliated with Kraft Eden cheese nor did they ask me to promote for them. I am only sharing the good news and an opportunity to get a freebie this season to as many people as possible.

See you there gals and guys!!!


Free Christmas music download from Oprah until December 2 Philippines November 30, 2009

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Dear Friends,

This is an offer with a very short deadline. You can download for free (so no guilty feeling of piracy) two new Christmas songs this season. The first one is called “What Child Is This” from Andrea Bocelli and Mary J. Blige and the other one is “Silent Night” from Sugarland.

The link for these songs is:

You don’t have to be a member to get them. There is also instruction to get the songs. I have re-posted the instructions for reference.

Download Directions:

If you’re on a PC, right-click (Mac users: Ctrl-click) on a song link. Internet Explorer users, select Save Target As; Firefox users select Save Link As.
Select where you wish to save the file on your computer, and then click Save.
Once the file has been saved, go to the location where you saved the file and open the file to begin listening.

My favorite between the two is “Silent Night”. It’s just beautiful and so serene. Perfect to start my day.

If you want to get updates from Oprah, you can also become a member. Just follow their “How to become a member” instructions.

Merry Christmas everybody!!!


Free food from Flapjacks worth Php250 September 17, 2009

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Hello friends! I just bumped into one of those freebies again here in the Internet. Just register in and you will receive a text of your GC.

My past encounters with promos like this have always been fruitful like the one from Post-it and Krispy Kreme. So I am pretty sure this will be something you guys can enjoy. GC is valid until October 18 next month. Just in time for my birthday, so friends yu know already where we are eating!

Thank you to my friend Wendy and her blog Animetric’s World for sharing the good news. I am voting her for the cybershot online bloggers search in the food category. I hope your get in the top 3 darling!